You’re Great at What You Do, and it’s time that everyone should know it. 

Zjae Productions was established and founded in 2010 by its owner Jeremi’e Roberts. The concept behind this organization was first created to be an outlet for Jeremi’e and his passion for live stage productions. Growing up on the city streets of Houston Texas, the brainchild for Zjae Productions was always looking for ways to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams. After a series of live’s events that happened all through of his life, he knew that his purpose was to share his gifts with the world. Jeremi’e had to deal with the loss a child, both parents, grandparents, his brother, all of his cars and even his home. However, one of the key elements that help fuel the energy behind Zjae Productions, is being able to put others first in spite of the current challenges that come against it. Zjae Productions offers an experience that will hope engage and inspire their clients to overcome different obstacles within their own area of expertise. Promoting an environment that encourages others to serve others is the core behind what Zjae Productions send for.

         Jeremie, has a heart for service and has experienced in his own life, that when people know that you care for them, they will be more willing to trust and partner with you. At Zjae Productions, over the years they have expanded their area of service from live productions to film, music, media design and much more. All of these areas will allow opportunities to serve a wide variety of individuals and groups. “We never wanted to be the biggest production company in the world, we just want to make a big difference in the world around us” says Zjae Productions founder.

The time has come that there’s a company that is motivates by the satisfaction of their clients and takes pride in the success and happiness of others", says Jeremi'e

Mision Statement 


Zjae Productions strives to have the opportunity to serve others and impacting lives through capturing and creating moments that will inspire and engage.