about us
Writers, Producers, and Directors Jeremie & Stacey Roberts, have their fingers on the pulse of the theater market bybringing  Off Broadway to Communities across the United States.   Their  hit  inspirational stage plays "What's A Sistah 2 Do" , "If We Make It Through December" and "The Divine Inheritance" are  exciting,  funny, socially conscience, emotionally entertaining, and something the entire family can enjoy.  The playwrights embarked on this  journey nearly three years ago performing under Zjae Productions and having toured several states with audiences being more than overwhelmingly satisfied with a night of entertainment. They are being called the next big playwrights to sweep America since  giving families an opportunity to take even a deeper  look  inside the structure of  family values.    Productions started in the mind of its creator Jeremie Roberts several years ago. Even though it all started out just as a thought, Zjae Productions has become a true entity in the entertainment industry. Stage productions have been at the front for ZP, however the expansion of the company's talent is on the move. In addition to stage productions, they're also moving in the direction of music production, movie production, book writing, poetry, artist management and graphic design. Zjae Productions is well on its way to becoming one of the most desired production companies in the world.
Zjae Productions